Fluffy and Hank

Lucy Lou

This beautiful Chocolate Lab mix was found in Hillsborough County in February 2009. She was in physical distress and wandering the streets. Still a puppy, she was just barely surviving and the injury to her leg was severe enough that her future looked bleak. That’s when a caring lady pulled her car over and rescued the bleeding and malnurished dog from on-coming traffic.

She found the nearest emergency vet where they stabilized the dog, then she called Suncoast Animal League for help. “Lucy Lou”, as she came to be known, had a positive attitude despite the pain she was obviously in. She had most likely been hit by a car and her leg was in bad shape. Although she was lucky it wasn’t broken, Lucy Lou had a long road to recovery ahead of her. And recover, she did. Below are photos of her when she first arrived at the League